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For over 60 years, Groupe Berkem’s resins have been based on vegetable oils. Soya, linseed, Chinese wood, castor and sunflower oils make up the historical biosourced component of our products. The aim is to go one step further by incorporating more plant-based raw materials into resins.

Our resins are based on a wide choice of quality raw materials. Their synthesis, developed by Groupe Berkem’s research laboratory, meets the viscosity, drying, gloss, adhesion, resistance and durability criteria specific to each market.

Customized support

Groupe Berkem is constantly in touch with market, technological, and regulatory developments and supports its customers both upstream and downstream of product use. Our dedicated team is ready to listen and respond, ensuring quality support at every key stage in the life of our resins: research, development, marketing, production, delivery and use. All the raw materials used by Groupe Berkem and all the products it markets comply with the European REACH regulation.

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