Used as binders in industrial paints, alkyd resins provide strength and durability thanks to their film-forming properties.

Alkyd resin ranges for the industrial market

Groupe Berkem is one of the historic suppliers to manufacturers of glycerophtalic paints. Thanks to its expertise, the Group is now able to produce resins specifically adapted to the technical requirements of industrial paints.

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

What are the properties of alkyd resins for industrial paints?

Groupe Berkem’s alkyd resins for industrial paints provide resistance to climatic conditions, with the advantage of rapid drying and superior, long-lasting adhesion. Subjected to certain hostile conditions such as cold, humidity, heat or chemicals, industrial paints need to provide additional technical benefits to protect surfaces. In particular, they guarantee resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage, wear and UV rays. This makes them the ideal solution for coating industrial machinery and equipment.

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