Groupe Berkem, plant-based chemistry specialist, has developed a range of alkyd resins to be used as binders in printing ink formulations. These technical solutions are specifically tailored to the challenges faced by manufacturers.

Ranges of binders for printing inks

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

Properties of Binders for Printing Inks

Groupe Berkem’s binding agents are suitable for two types of printing techniques that are common in the printing industry.

  • Offset printing: a common printing method for mass-produced books, brochures, catalogs and advertising materials.
  • Flexographic printing: a relief printing technique used for packaging and labels on substrates such as paper, polymers or metals.

The resins in Groupe Berkem’s Lixolink® range are intended for the following markets letterpress and offset ink markets. They are used as grinding binders for pigment paste dispersions. These vegetable oil-based resins have excellent wetting properties and improve the viscosity, gloss and drying time of inks. The formulation of printing inks with Lixolink® binders guarantees high-quality aesthetic rendering for all catalogs, magazines, books, advertisements, newspapers and packaging, traditionally printed with regularity.

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