Groupe Berkem, an active player in the transformation of industries

Faced with the urgent need to protect the environment, manufacturers are under strong pressure to develop low-impact products. Many industries are looking for high-performance, reliable solutions for the manufacture of everyday products (industrial paints, printing inks, oils and lubricants, bitumen, plastics, tires and rubber, adhesives, etc.).

As a player in the transition to responsible chemistry, Groupe Berkem offers its industrial customers innovative, high value-added solutions with a high environmental impact, capable of integrating conventional chemistry.

Tuyau industrie

Groupe Berkem's solutions

Ingredients for industrial paints

Groupe Berkem is one of the historic suppliers to glycerophtalic paint manufacturers. Thanks to its expertise, the Group is now able to produce alkyd resins specifically adapted to the technical requirements of industrial coatings.

Industrial paints

Ingredients for printing inks

Groupe Berkem’s expertise has enabled it to develop a range of resins for ink manufacturers that meet technical performance targets.

Printing inks

Industrial Binders, Technical Oils & Bio-based Resins

For all these markets, Groupe Berkem offers innovative bio-based solutions that significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels while guaranteeing optimal performance.
The Group’s recognized expertise makes it a key player in the formulation and production of resins.

With the acquisition of Biopress in 2023, a 100% organic producer of vegetable oils and proteins, Groupe Berkem is now able to offer technical oils, thus securing a long-term supply of this raw material for the manufacture of bio-based industrial binders. By mastering the entire plant value chain, from supply raw materials , processing and mass production, the Group offers high-performance solutions that reduce manufacturers’ dependence on fossil fuels.

Masterbatch & Innovative building blocks

Thanks to its expertise in resin formulation, Groupe Berkem is able to support manufacturers in plastics processing and pest control, with resins for masterbatch or encapsulation of biocides in plastic matrices, for example. Its ability to use plant resources in the composition of its resins offers an innovative alternative to accelerate the transition of manufacturers to alternative chemistry alternative.

Groupe Berkem is helping its customers to reduce the content of conventional molecules with its bio-based derived building blocks that can be used in industrial synthesis.

Formulation de résine

Innovation & Service Delivery

With its mastery of regulations and expertise in plant extraction, Groupe Berkem’s Research & Development department is constantly on the lookout for bio-based innovations.

A personalized service

Groupe Berkem’s ability to harness the best of plant resources , coupled with its high-performance industrial facilities , make it the ideal partner for mass-producing customized solutions tailored to individual needs.

The Group offers a unique expertise in contract work to develop tailor-made bio-based solutions adapted to international regulations and customer specifications.

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